Focus, Feel, Feed
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‘ Focus, Feel, Feed ’

Redefining Wellness as Wellbeing; as a whole encompasses our physical, mental and emotional health.
The wellbeing spaces and concepts are centred around ‘living’ well.
We draw on the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai.
The concept has four elements that together encapsulate one’s reason for being. These are: what one loves to do, what one is good at, what one gets rewarded for and what the world needs.
All of these elements together allows each individual to discover their own Ikigai, bringing fulfilment, happiness and a longer life.
‘ Focus your mind, Feel your being, Feed your soul ’
Our core thought, encapsulates the spaces and programmes we offer at Sui, centred around our ‘Living’ Rooms.

This is where guests can ‘Focus’ and concentrate on all activities and services for the mind; ‘Feel’ and experience all the activities and services for the body; ‘Feed’ and enrich the soul.

In its simplicity Sui is a translation of water in Japanese; Our hotels aim to be close to natural water sources in any of it’s forms whether ocean, rivers, waterfalls, and snow in their respective locations. Throughout all we do at Sui we aim to incorporate these various forms of water because of calming and restorative powers.

‘Every destination has something unique to offer wellbeing guests’ Each Sui location will be unique in its design and will have curated programmes that build from, and take advantage of, the local environment.
Sui Living Rooms Identity
A Sui Living Room, regardless of its location whether rural or urban, will provide something meaningful for any type of Sui guest to make for a life enhancing story and stay.

Whether guests want best practice by exercising with state of the art fitness equipment, or seek calm through meditation, the unique offering of body and facial treatments will allow a personal choice of restoration.

Every Sui is unique, through its creative offering to provide the guest with an authentic story, rather than another hotel spa or gym.

The Sui team is there to help guests unwind and regenerate holistically and to inspire them towards a new awareness of wellbeing for mind, body and soul.

Guest come to a Sui ‘Living’ Room for its holistic services that ease and restore mind and body.
Sui Living Rooms will provide a variety of practices and services:

Understanding You
Consultations on fitness & nutrition.
Targeted treatments.
Prescriptive facial & body treatments.

Engage Your Mind
Meditation and Life Coaching.
Mindfulness sessions.

Engaging the Body
Fitness Studio.
Group and private classes.

Insightful Workshops
Life at Sui Living Room and making it a sociable space for valuable connections.

The Sui Living Room Atelier
Will feature Sui’s clean products for body and beauty inside and out.
Sui aims to partner with acclaimed and new clean beauty brands that meet Sui’s values.